Our second fundraiser tournament was held on May 22nd, 2022 and it was a huge success. We had more than 50 participants across 2 sections and were able to raise over 1000$ that was donated to Arizona Helping Hands.

In the Under 1400 Section, Kanishk Anmala took clear first with 4.5/5 only conceding one draw in round 2 due to an unfortunate stalemate. Avinash Gobburi and Vedansh Gupta took 2nd and 3rd respectively on tiebreaks with 4/5. The best game of the section came in the final round when Kanishk leapfrogged Avinash to win the section with this nice victory.

Kanishk Anmala vs Avinash Gobburi: https://lichess.org/Zww5frkn

Kanishk played very accurately this game, capitalizing on a few inaccuracies by his opponent and converting very cleanly.

In the Over 1400 Section, Aaroh Mamidi took clear first with a perfect 5/5. He scored upsets against players rated more than 200 points above him! The best game of the section came in the 3rd round in which Aaroh was able to pull out a win with the white pieces against Atharva Bist.

Aaroh Mamidi vs Atharva Bist: https://lichess.org/YwNksKbi

Aaroh was able to navigate this extremely complex game and played a flurry of very nice sacrifices to rip open his opponent’s king and eventually win a queen and the game.

A huge thanks to all of our participants for making this tournament possible! We hope you will be back next year!

Sandeep with Arizona Helping Hands CEO Maureen Noe