We offer free group lessons every Tuesday from 5-6 on our twitch channel twitch.tv/thechesseffect. These groups lessons will be taught by National Master Sandeep Sethuraman and might have a special guest speaker. The group lessons will be fairly basic and are meant for beginner/intermediate players. These are not currently in progress will start soon!

          For more advanced players looking to improve their game, private lessons are offered for 15$ an hour. The timing and frequency of the lessons is flexible and all proceeds will be donated. Another service offered is a 10 minute game with Sandeep with full analysis. This will cost 10$ and will require the student to have a free chess.com account. To set up lessons contact us at thechesseffectservices@gmail.com. All services are listed below.

Private Lessons: cost 15$ an hour and are one-on-one with Sandeep.

Group Lessons: free every Tuesday from 5-6PM PST on twitch.tv/thechesseffect

10 Minute Game With Analysis: Exactly what it sounds like. Student will need a free chess.com account and this will cost 10$ for a 10 minute game against Sandeep with analysis.

Tournament Game Analysis: Student can show Sandeep their tournament games and get his input for just 10$ a game. This is only recommended for tournament games and/or important games.