Upcoming Tournaments

Chess Effect Fundraiser March 28th 2021

This tournament’s purpose is to raise funds to donate to Arizona Helping Hands, while spreading the gift of chess.

Fundraising: This chess tournament is made by a nonprofit organization (chesseffect.org) to raise funds for a good cause while spreading the gift of chess.

Sections: Made by USCF rating, can play-up if within 100 points of section, but cost 5$ extra. Unrated can only play in U1400 Section. 

U1400 Section: For players with USCF rating below 1400  

1400-1799 Section: For players with USCF rating 1400 or above, but below 1800 

Over 1800 Section: For players with USCF rating 1800 or above 

Entry Fees: For U1400 20$. For 1400-1799 and Over 1800 20$

Format/Schedule: 5 rounds 15+2 on lichess.org. Free Account Required and need to join the Lichess Team for your specific section; shown under Registration.

9AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM; All times PST 

Registration: Register here   https://www.events4chess.com/events/?event_ID=1363 

Create a free lichess account at https://lichess.org/signup. After that, request to join these teams on lichess.org. There will be a chess CAPTCHA, and you need to solve it before sending in the request. Write your name in the Message portion and it will be approved.

U1400 Section: https://lichess.org/team/chess-effect-fundraising-tournament-march-28-2021-u1400 

1400-1799 Section: https://lichess.org/team/chess-effect-fundraising-tournament-march-28-2021-1400-1799 

Over 1800 Section: https://lichess.org/team/chess-effect-fundraising-tournament-march-28-2021-over-1800 

Prizes:   $350 Guaranteed

U1400 Section: 1st-$50 2nd-$30 1st U800-$20 

1400-1799 Section: 1st-$50 2nd-$30 3rd-$20 

Over 1800 Section: 1st-$50 2nd-$30 3rd-$20 

2018 World Cadet Chess Championships in Santiago de Compostela, Spain